Thoughts on my 6th Wedding Anniversary

In true fashion my “I’ll have this up asap” attitude was put in its place by real life on this one but at least I remembered to do it at all right?

Anywho…While 6 years of marriage is something to celebrate and an accomplishment to be proud of, it still isn’t a real portrayal of how life is currently. The “I love you’s” and sweet sentiments shared alongside a pretty photo are what we typically see from most people, myself included, and while it’s pretty, heartwarming and fun there’s multiple layers there. Some of which are far from picture perfect.

On this our 6 year wedding anniversary we find ourselves in one of our hardest years of marriage yet. Finding work/life balance is a DAUNTING. Finding consistency in our alone time when balancing 4 kids, jobs and friendships is HARD. Coming to the hard realization neither of us are exactly who we were 7 years ago when we met and now learning to accommodate to these seemingly new people and personalities is a CHALLENGE.

Are you catching my drift yet?

So while I’m over here posting my I love you’s and thanks to my partner on social media every now and again please know that we struggle too. That there are more rainy days than sunny ones lately. Thankfully for us we’re both trying to make it work. We may annoy and aggravate the crap out of each other but we still want to try to keep our love alive.

I’m sure we aren’t so different from many of you reading this now which is why I wanted to share. I don’t think I would of ever brought any of this up on my old account for fear of what it may do to skew the persona I’d worked hard to create for years. Here in this space I’m learning to let some walls down and get to the nitty gritty of real life, especially when it’s hard and uncomfortable. To allow myself to be supported by my friends and hear their stories/advice. Feeling alone in all this has been truly gut wrenching so I’m sharing my heart now because I can’t carry it anymore. So thanks for hearing me.

If you made it this far thanks for sticking through it, I’m sure it was a harder read than usual from me and I appreciate it a lot…So for your time here’s a pretty photo for old times sake. 🤣

Photo by Aimee Highley Photo


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