Is this a rebrand?

Someone asked me the other day if changing accounts and going back to blogging was a rebrand and my gut response was “No. I look at this more like a retirement.” And y’all…I WAS SO DANG PROUD OF MYSELF! 👏🏻

I stared GCM when I stepped away from working and stepped into full time, stay at home mom mode while Kyle and I began to build our blended family unit back in 2016. From there it grew from a mommy blog into a full blown influencer account that I used to supplement income, goods and services for our family.

The first few years were really fun and I learned so much about social media and how it works. I also made some pretty amazing real life relationships out of it too. (Those friendships will always be what I’m most happy to walk away with when I make my final move in a few short weeks.) However, all good things must come to an end and the era of Covid definitely didn’t help. As I’ve changed and grown as as a person during the craziness of the last few years the less I’m realizing I want to be apart of and show up for in that particular space. Thankfully my blog is mine, and while I enjoy certain aspects of IG I’m honestly tired of trying to keep up and show up every single day. (Anybody else?)

As I slowly begin to move into 2023 I’m ready to shed some old layers so the new version of me can shine a bit more. I still want to share and build a community but I want it to be on my terms. Not the terms set forth by the every changing algorithm god, Meta. I want a place to be creative and to share in life’s adventures. I want to build on old friendships and make new connections along the way too. Most importantly I want the strain of constantly be “on” to dissipate. I just want to flow and be each and every day.

So here I am. Rebuilding once again but in a more intentional and meaningful way.


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