Learning to Rest

In 2023 I’m relearning what it means to rest.

My whole life I’ve been made to feel like if I’m not doing something I’m failing. I come from a hardworking, primarily blue collar family and the only “rest day” they got was on Sundays…But let’s be real. If you come from the same church world I did Sundays held little rest between service, lunches/suppers with family or your small group and catching up on those last few chores before Monday came around again. I’ve never known rest or truly seen it at play.

After nearly 36 years of hustle and bustle this gal is ready for slow, cozy days and putting boundaries on work instead of on rest.

On the days I work I’ll be giving it my all but the days I’m off rest will take center stage. I envision slow mornings with coffee and conversation, afternoons reading while kiddos play or pursue new hobbies and evenings with a drink in my hand and a homemade meal in my belly.

Slow and simple will be the name of the game.

I do want to say I know this will not always be the case. I am first and foremost a realist. I love a plan and a schedule and I know we’re a busy family between jobs, friendships, extracurricular activities and more. But in between the commitments I will drive for the peace of rest too.

So here’s to rest in 2023 and whatever else it brings with it.✨

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