Simplify: A Word for 2023




  1. make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.

Friends, I am tired.

I’m tired of chasing a version of me that no longer exist. I’m tired of trying to fit into the mold I created for myself as The Gem City Mama 6 years ago. While my location and status as a parent have not changed, who I am, what I want to create and what I share is much different. I’m ready to slow down and just…be.

Now I know where this statement can come across as a contradiction to some. Im sure there are those of you that may think if I’m tired and want to slow down why share at all? My answer to that is that on some weird personal level I need to. I need an outlet. I need community. I need to feel seen. (Can you tell I’m an enneagram 4?)

So here I am, yet again, to say I’ll be returning to the blog.

But this time it’s different. Simpler.

First and foremost, I am no longer The Gem City Mama. I’m simply Samara.

I’m honestly ready to blend into the crowd and into a simpler way of life these days and I think stepping away from the social media game and back into a space like this is my first step to achieving that.

I live in my little, brick 1950’s ranch in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. I have a husband and two girls. I’m a witch, but not the scary kind you see in the movies, with altars and spell jars tucked into corners of my home. I have too many books and two lazy cats. There’s a garden out back and bikes in my driveway. I’m a born and raised midwestern girl that likes to escape and travel when I can. I prefer a dreary day over a sunny one. I enjoy games nights and cocktails with friends. I enjoy the quiet but love to get lost in the noise sometimes too.

Like many of us I’m still figuring out life and world around me after covid but I’m ready to clear space both physically and figuratively and find who I am now.

Things will be different and that’s okay. Things will also seem the same too. We’ll just have to see what unfolds and I look forward to sitting in the changes at hand.

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