A look back at 2022…and what’s to come.

Where do we even begin?

2022 may be one of the hardest years I’ve had to date. Coming out of the pandemic (at least in my mind) has been a strange terrain to move through. Social media isn’t the same, in person gatherings, small business life, friendships, romantic relationships, child rearing and traveling…has all been affected. Through high highs there have been low lows. Of course you’ve all seen the highs…the lows I’m better at concealing…even from my own self at times. Nothing is the same and I’m learning to be okay with that.

I won’t do an entire highlight reel…if you’d like to see what I wanted you to see in 2022 head to Instagram. It’s all there. And the things you didn’t see…well, you just won’t.

As we move into 2023 I personally plan to move with intention. If it doesn’t feel good, I won’t do it. If it doesn’t make me excited, I won’t do it. If a person and I don’t vibe, I won’t pursue that relationship. If work doesn’t help me accomplish goals, I’ll find another way. If it takes away from my family & marriage, it isn’t for me. Intention and authenticity is what I’m craving in my soul for 2023 and this craving brings me back to this space. A space I’ve held onto. A space I’ve let age. A space that is entirely mine. A space to tell stories. A space to return to.

In 2023 you’ll still find me hanging around instagram and the vlog, but if you want the whole story. The real moments. The highs and the lows. Then I suggest you get familiar with this space. I’m tired of chasing my own tail in social media land but still hope to gain connections and community in this wild world we live in. So here we are…back where it began.

I hope to start “seeing” some familiar faces around here as well as getting the opportunity to see and get to know new ones too.

Til next time. – Sam


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