Changes, Changes, Changes

Trying a new format and why I’m making the change.

I don’t know about you but I feel things changing in the world of social media in a really big way. Bigger than I have in a long time. Thinking about the fact so many of us are tied to our social media accounts in ways beyond leisure is kinda terrifying. We ultimately have no control over what’s going on at all. Sure we can try and ride the algorithm wave, I’m a social media manager after all, but for me personally…I’m kinda done. I’m feeling a pull away from the platform and the “worshiping” of the algorithm gods and plan on making that a “business only” sector of my life for the most part.

In a sense I’m kinda breaking up with Instagram.

I’m sure some of you have some questions, so lets dive a bit deeper, eh? When I say I’m leaving it behind for “the most part” I mean two things. I will obviously be there to push my own and clients businesses. That isn’t going away any time soon. However, when it comes to my personal page it’s going to turn into a launching point for this blog. You’ll get the typical photo but instead of my typical ramblings your getting a short and sweet a call to action to check out this space moving forward. Want to know what I’ve been up to? What we had for dinner? Where we went on our latest adventure? You’re going to have to come here for the nitty gritty details.

I want to have control of my life and what I’m sharing on the internet. I’m done chasing the likes and follows. I want to live and share my story how I want to. Sure there are creative aspects I enjoy like making reels with my friends or highlighting moments from vacation to music and will probably still make those as long as it brings me joy but I’m done being censored, and punished when I don’t “follow” the rules so many others seem to break with zero consequences. I’m done preforming and feeling like a failure when I post something I genuinely love vs. a heavily thought out and posed “moment” for the machine. I’m also becoming keenly aware that in this day and age everything there could be gone in an instant without knowing the end is coming. (Hello the great IG crash of 2021.) I’ll gladly stick to this space, that I own and operate myself thank you very much. No more being another cog in the wheel of the Meta Universe for me ya’ll!

I think you all should get the gist of all this now. I’d love to hear your thought too. Drop me a comment below or if you know shoot me a text and lets chat. I know this is different but I just feel like it’s time. Until next time here’s an old photo of Kyle and I from when we first started dating since it’s Valentine’s Day and all. I love you Kyle.


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