Oh hey, I’m still here…

Wow, where do I even begin? I honestly have been going through so many changes that I can’t even tell you what my last post on here was before going dark. I was pretty deep in some personal stuff and quite frankly in over my head a bit. I had too much on my plate and not able to fully focus on anyone things and give it the time it deserved. I’m still going through a weeding out process but taking my time and thoughtfully making decisions in regards to what I want to do vs. what I realistically have the time to do. So continue to stay tuned to upcoming projects and collaborations as there are some in the works, just have to see what pans out and what doesn’t during this season of life.

Speaking of life, things in the Muntzinger household have been interesting this summer. This is the first year Kyle hasn’t been off in the summer due to his new position at Dayton Public and it has left me feeling a bit frazzled, and burnt out. Let’s just say our Disney trip and random 24 hours at the beach were much needed in July. In kid news Freya is definitely coming into her own and thinks she rules the roost, which honestly she kind of does. Charlotte is actually going to be doing homeschool this year and it’s something I’m looking forward to tackling. I’ll be sharing quite a bit on that subject this year and including some detailed post on projects and things we do through the year.

As for me specifically I’ve decided to jump fully into the Monat pool and have actually been quite successful my first 3 months in. I’ll be traveling to the big MONATions event with my team in September and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us. This business has opened so many doors for our family and it has given me the chance to provide a bit for our family in certain ways and I’m so excited about it. You can actually hear more about this journey in the new Monat section of this blog. So please, go check it out!

I think that’s all I have for you all currently. I won’t be promising you any new post because every time I do that I don’t actually end up following through which sends me into a spiral of all kinds of bad feels. So for now I’ll say keep your eyes peeled. Something is coming soon, I just don’t know when or what that will be!

Thanks for being here!

xoxo, Samara

Here’s an image from a recent shoot I did with Molly Wireman over in Oakes Quarry.

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