Sky Asian Cuisine: A Gem City Mama Review

I don’t know about you but I’m a big sushi fan and when I find a place I like I tend to stick with it and Sky Asian Cuisine is my latest go to in the Dayton area. I lived on the east coast for a number of years so since moving back to land-locked Ohio I’ve come to appreciate places that make sushi and do it well. We’ve been to Sky Asian many times and we haven’t run into a single issue. I get my sushi fix, Kyle enjoys their Kitchen Entree’s and both girls love their crab rangoon and miso soup. The fact that they have a large menu and always execute each portion of it beautifully is why Sky has become a go to spot for us as a family, or on date night.

On this particular day we went from having a packed schedule to having nothing to do so we took the opportunity to have a nice family day-date and headed south of town for the afternoon. I had a crazy craving for Tuna Tartare that day which is why we ended up at Sky Asian. From the outside it doesn’t look like much but inside you greeted with streamline, modern decor, a fully stocked bar ample seating space and a killer menu. We particularly love the booth areas as they are more private, provide space for the whole family and just make the experience feel a bit fancier and more fun.

As I stated before, they have a large menu ranging from traditional sushi, appetizers, bento boxes, Thai dishes, desserts and much more. We always snag an order of crab rangoon and a bowl of soup for each of the girls because they enjoy both items and then encourage them to try things from what we order so they are getting to experience new textures and flavors as we don’t cook this particular style of food at home. I also snagged an order of their Tuna Tartare because it’s what I was craving and it’s very, very good.

For our mains Kyle went with his favorite Thai Basil Chicken from the Kitchen Entree section of the menu dish and I order a Demon Roll from their Signature Roll list. The fact we can order two totally different menu items and still have it feel like one cohesive meal is such a nice factor in this restaurant. You could come here with a large group of people and still find something on the menu that everyone will like and enjoy. The service is alway great, the staff is always so kind to my girls and is a nice, laid back environment. We enjoy every minute we’re there and take our time to savor our meals and just enjoy each others company.

I could easily go on and on today about how much I love Sky Asian Cuisine but instead I’m going to encourage you to step outside the box the next time you’re planning to eat out and give them a try. They are located right between Kettering and Centerville and think it’s worth the trip if you live a bit north or south of town. I know we’ll continue to go back as long as they’re around and will happily enjoy every bite each time we do.

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