Couples Boudoir: Our Story

First off, I’m EXTREMELY lucky to have been able to “model” for Tonya Espy Photography for not one but two boudoir shoots. One was a solo project that you can read about here, and this recent one was a couples shoot I got to do with my husband. Honestly, I didn’t even ask him if he wanted to do the shoot I just volunteered and hoped for the best if we were selected. When the email from Tonya came through a week later I had to break the news to him. He was slightly reluctant at first but eventually came around to the idea (especially when I said he could stay fully clothed) and was 100% on board.

Magically on the day of the shoot I was able to snag some new-to-me vintage nightgowns, (I have tons…maybe I’ll do a post about those one day too?) one of which is featured in the final shots from Tonya. Similar to my solo shoot I received complimentary hair and makeup, this time by the lovely Jessica Boatright. She did an amazing job and I’m seriously jealous of her makeup skills. We were also given complimentary wine and champagne which always helps in slightly nerve-racking situations and enjoyed some holiday small talk with Tonya and Jessica while getting ready.

After some pampering and relaxing it was time to start shooting. I have said it before and I will say it again and again. Tonya is amazing. She just has this calm, relaxed air about her. She’s so sweet and enthusiastic on top of giving great direction. She is so good at her job, and I’m so thankful to have made a friend in such a beautiful and talented lady. I can’t tell you exactly how long we shot for but I’d say it was probably around and hour and I did three full outfit changes while Kyle changed twice. We went for a more relaxed, cozy feel for this shoot. When preparing for this shoot I looked up couples boudoir photos online and was slightly terrified because they were VERY sexy and way to risqué for our taste. Thankfully Tonya was on the same page with us and prefers a more soft, romantic feel for these shoots. I truly loved every single minute of our time spent with Tonya and could ramble on and on about the experience, but I think you get the idea by this point.

The entire experience was magical, and such a unique way to spend time with my husband…I have already raved to my friends and acquaintances alike about doing solo boudoir shoots, but goodness have I fallen in love with couples shoots. These pictures capture us in such a different manner than what I’m use to and I absolutely love them. These are much more intimate and just downright pretty in my opinion. I feel like these are moments that I usually carry around in my memory brought to life and it really fills my heart with so much love. All I can say to someone thinking about boudoir photos is “take the leap, and try it out.” At the end of the day you don’t have to share your images with anyone publicly. Heck, you could get them done and never look at them again if you chose to. Either way, just do it. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by what you see and laugh at the fact you ever doubted yourself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little couples boudoir recap. I’d love to hear if any of you out there have done a couples shoot like this or are now interested after hearing our story. Drop me a comment and share your stories!


4 thoughts on “Couples Boudoir: Our Story

    1. I didn’t think I had the confidence either, but Tonya is amazing and by the end you just feel so empowered and totally feeling yourself! I highly recommend doing a shoot at least once in your life, it’s amazing.


    1. Thank you friend! The photographer has been with us since the beginning! She did our engagement photos, our wedding and my solo boudoir shoot. She’s fabulous!


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