Books, Planners and Journals, Oh My!

One of things I plan to change in the new year is how I’m spending my down time. Having an infant this year really allowed me to make and settle into some bad habits. I spend way too much time in front of the tv and on my phone when I could be doing more productive things like reading and journaling. Social media will still be a major part of my day as I continue to make content for this blog, run my oil biz and keep in contact with the outside world since the SAHM life can be a lonely, monotonous thing at times. Instead of grabbing for my phone when I have a spare second I’m going to try and read a chapter or two of a book or work on my writing. I’m tired of feeling like a zombie most days and I’m ready to stimulate my mind in a different way.

Over the last few months this idea has been in the forefront of my mind and I’ve been picking things up here and there as I’ve seen them. I’ve got a great mix of books, study guides, and journals to occupy my time and I’m excited for January 1st to roll around to start on them. My goal is to obviously read and journal every single day, but I’m sure life will have other plans for my time so I’ll try to not beat myself up when I miss a day or two here and there.

In choosing these selections I did’t purposely set out for there to be a theme, but there is and it’s one I’m excited to explore. A lot of these deal with personal goals and personalities. All are likely considered self help and after dealing with the ups and downs of the last few years I feel like I need a life reset. It’s time to refocus my energies on things that actually make me happy and will better my life and the life of my family and friends. Below is a general list of what I’ve gathered so far and I’ll break each one down as this post continues. I’ll also be sure to add in links if anything peaks your interest!

Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

This little book is such an amazing way to write down memories and milestones for your kiddos as your living life. It allows you to capture those special moments that might become lost to you over time. Each day has a questions with a spot for each of the next five years below it. It isn’t time consuming and something you can easily squeeze into your busy day if you choose to. I can’t wait to look back on this book with my grown children one day and let them see how each and every little thing they do is so precious to me.

Purchase yours here.

Girl, Wash Your Face by: Rachel Hollis

I can’t say enough good things about this book. I’ve already read it once and look forward to reading it again in 2019. Rachel writes the book in a style that makes you think she’s speaking directly to you, her friend. It’s deep, and meaningful with little burst of fun that will make you laugh out loud. I highly recommend this book to all my friends and encourage you out there to read it too if you haven’t yet!

Purchase your copy here.

Start Today Journal and Notebook

Let’s hear it for the amazing Mrs. Rachel Hollis one more time. Her book “Girl, Wash Your Faced” lit a fire under the behinds of women everywhere in 2018 which drove her to create the Start Today Journal. This journal is all about setting goals and actually reaching them. Through structure and tough love you’ll find yourself working harder and getting closer to your goals than ever before. I haven’t started mine just yet, but I know friends who have and are loving every minute of it. This is something I plan to start working on on New Years Eve and through the month of January to set myself up for success in 2019.

They are currently sold out of the last round of journals but plan to have a fresh batch in March of 2019. Make sure you follow their IG to keep up to date on all the details.

The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery and Study Guide by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

Hello Enneagram fad! At first I took an enneagram test for fun because some friends were talking about it. Now I’m following a few enneagram IG accounts, listening to podcast about it and now reading books about it. The enneagram, simply put, is a personality test. However, it’s so much more. I don’t know enough yet to speak on it more than what I just did but I can’t wait to dive deeper and hopefully get a better understanding of myself in 2019. Oh, and for those that are curious I’m an enneagram 4.

If your curious check out Your Enneagram Coach on IG and take the test. After that, check out this book!

The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships and Study Guide by: Suzanne Stabile

Same stuff I talked about above but this is about how your enneagram traits effect your relationships with other people. I’m really curious about this book because I think it will help me with relationships past, present and future. I’m also interested to see how I can use this book and knowledge in my marriage as we’ve had some ups and downs lately. Maybe understanding each other on this new level will help deepen and strengthen our relationship.

Do you know your husband or partners enneagram number? Do you know if your compatible? See how to navigate it all with this book!

Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper

One of my big goals this year is to really reestablish my relationship with the Lord. When I am in prayer and diving into the Bible is when I feel the most at peace. I can find the answer to any and all issues when I humbly come before the Father and this journal will be my way of sharing my heart and mind with Him.

Snag your own Val Marie Paper prayer journal here.

Praise: A Creative Journaling Bible

I purchased this bible awhile ago to replace the one I bought when I started attending my last church. I decided to replace my other bible because I’m notorious for writing in most of my books and this one was written all over. The things I wrote about in those pages are from a life I no longer have and felt it was time to retire it. I didn’t want to focus on the future while my past screamed up at me from it’s pages. Those memories are special but that’s all they are to me now, memories. This new Bible is a new item to guide me and give me peace when I feel as though I can’t find it anywhere else. I love the fact there is space for writing in the margins and the ability to doodle and color within it’s pages. I tend to have a busy mind and little details like that are perfect for me when it comes allowing me to focus. Plus it’s pretty! I love pretty books, it makes cracking them open that much more enjoyable.

Want your own pretty bible? Pick this one up here.

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living and Study Guide by Shauna Niequist

I’ve heard great things about this book but to be honest it’s been on my bookshelf for nearly a year. As someone who deals with anxiety frantic moments happen frequently and the littlest things can trigger me and I’m so tired of it. Breaking free of my anxiety is actually what triggered me to choose my “word of the year” which I’ll be sharing with you all on New Years Day. I feel like this book will help me so much in dealing with the little pesky things in life that I tend to let drag me down. Can’t wait to see if what I’ve heard about it is true!

Have you read this book? If so tell me your experience with it. Want to read it too? Check it out here.

The Marriage Journal by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

This may be the journal I’m most excited about starting this year. Our marriage has taken some hits over the last two years, this last year especially. I’ve followed Jeremy and Audrey for awhile now and just love how positive and real they are. For being celebrities they are very relatable and hold a lot of the same values that I do. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting this journal and took the leap this holiday season. My husband and I already have a notebook we write in to each other but neither of us have touched it this year. It’s something we both use to enjoy doing and I’m excited to start it up again but in a more structured and meaningful manner. Be on the look out for updates on how we are liking the journal and the changes it will hopefully bring about in our relationship.

While we haven’t started this journal I highly suggest my friends snag one!

Inkwell Press Planner

This planner is my life line and I love everything about it. I could ramble for ever on here about it, so lucky for you I already did a whole blog about it. Check it out here.

It’s not too late to grab one of these planners, check them out!

The Mindfulness Journal: Daily Practices, Writing Prompts, and Reflections for Living in the Present Moment by S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

This was a bit of a last minute purchase this week that was spurred by a similar journal another blogger friend received. I not only write my own blog, I also write for my local Mom’s Blog so coming up with ideas sometimes can be daunting. I feel like anything that prompts me to write and create is needed and will allow for more purposeful and real writing from me. I’m excited to see what content this helps me create in 2019 for you all to enjoy.

Need some inspiration too? Check this journal out!

Well, there you have it. My 2019 book and journal haul. I’ll try my best to keep you all updated on what is working, what’s not, and how things are going for me personally through using these tools. If you have questions please reach out! I love talking about things like this and welcome any and all conversation about it. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I’ll see you all in 2019!!!


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