Wardrobe Round-Up: Week Six

Hello Friends! We’ve had an interesting week full of ups and downs to put it lightly. Monday and Tuesday were spent in Columbus. The girls and I went with my husband for a seminar he was attending and explored the city. We went to LEGO Land of discovery, The American Girl Store, and The Columbus Art Museum. It was a lot of fun, but also very tiring for this solo mama. The middle of the week was a bit of a mess. The baby got her flu shot booster, which in turn turned into 24 hours of puking and pooping her poor little brains out and the starter went out on my car. So lots of adulting was done that wasn’t very fun.

So here we are now on Friday, the day of the week I’ve been looking forward to the most because we leave for Nashville this afternoon. I’ll be doing a little write up on our trip here on the blog, but for current updates on what we’re eating, where we’re shopping, and what we’re doing, be sure to check out my IG (@thegemcitymama) for all things Nashville this weekend.

Now, for the real reason your here, the outfits…


This was my very “mom friendly” museum attire. Plus, I felt like I fit right in with all the “hip” young folks wandering the galleries with my family and I.

Sweater: Wildflower Boutique; purchase here.

T-shirt: Target; purchase here.

Overalls: Target; purchase here.

Clogs: Birkenstock


With all the craziness I mentioned earlier, my second outfit choice was easy. It’s along the lines of what I wear Every. Single. Day. In typical mom fashion I live for comfort, but I don’t like to look “sloppy”, well most of the time anyway. So the fact that work out clothes are just so darn cute these days, I have no problem purchasing the whole “look” and rocking that though the day. And before you throw me in to the the stereotype of the ath-lesiure girls you see at the grocery I do workout. Religiously. I get up at 5am (except on rest days) and do my current BeachBody program LIIFT4. So, there’s that, haha!

Sports Bra: Joy Lab for Target

Top: Joy Lab for Target

Leggings: Joy Lab for Target

Shoes: Nike

Well, there was my week. Next week’s post may have an extra outfit or two because what I’ve got planned for Nashville is too good not to share.

Until next time….




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