Inkwell Press 360 Planner Assembly

Hello there! I wanted to share my new planner with all of you and show you why I enjoy it so much.

This isn’t my first Inkwell Press Planner and it definitely won’t be my last. However this is the first time I got the “build your own” planner and I have to say, I’m loving it. I really like how you can customize it to fit your needs and make it exactly how you want it. I wear a couple different hats, the big ones being Mom and Blogger. Between my family and social calendars our life pretty much looks insane on paper and having this more organized planner will help tremendously.

I haven’t owned an Inkwell Planner for a couple years because I transitioned from working, single mom (when I needed the more detailed planner) to a married, stay-at-home mom. (less complex planner needs) In my head I couldn’t justify needing the fancy planner anymore and just grabbed cheaper planners from Target the last couple years. In that time our kids have gotten more involved with activities, my husband has a new, more demanding job and I’ve started blogging for myself, another blog, and have a couple little businesses I’m trying to get off the ground. My little paper planner was starting to look more like a toddlers piece of art than an item I used to organize our lives and I knew something had to change. So back to Inkwell I will go.

September was a little crazy don’t you think?

With all that craziness I knew it was time for something new. Picking my new planner was a breeze on the Inkwell site and was able to piece together MY perfect planner. There were even add on packs I didn’t think I needed until I saw it and thought to myself “this is genius!” and added them to my cart. I will say, the initial cost was a bit on the high end if your use to picking up planners from big box stores. The planner and add on’s cost me $133.00 but I’ll be able to reuse the key components (Disk, cover, and monthly tabs) for years to come and will only have to purchase new yearly pages in the future. For me, I don’t tend to mind spending a bit extra for something, especially if I know the quality is there and know it will be a crucial tool to my daily life. At the end of the day this new planner was needed and wanted for my sanity and I’m not going to feel guilty about the price since it covers all my bases.

All the planner goodness in one pretty photo.

Looking at this planner all laid out was a bit intimidating at first. Thankfully when you order the planner, you receive and email with an instruction video in it. After watching a few minutes of it I realized how easy this would be to put together and got to it. Check out each step I took below!

Lay down the back cover and get all your disk together.
Then you slip each disk into the slots until you hear it snap into place.
Next, snap in your monthly dividers.
Now add in your pages. The video suggest 10 at a time and I second this assembly tip.
Then add in your “extras”. I got meal planning pages, so I added the proper amount based on weeks into each monthly section.
Pop on that front cover and you’re ready to go!

It really is that simple friends! Because I got both types of monthly inserts they have available I only built my planner out to July because that’s what would fit nicely. If you only go with one of the monthly options and some add ins they should fit without any issues. I think the idea of a build-your-own planner is genius and something for a busy mama like me to utilize to it’s fullest potential. I can’t wait till I can start using this beautiful planner and filling it with all the work and life things I can!

Goodness, I just love this planner!

Once I start really using this planner, I’ll hop on here again with what I do to use this planner system to it’s fullest. What I did’t show in this post was all the goal planning and accountability sections that are built in throughout the planner. These tools are sure to help me succeed on the business side of things and help keep my mama mind sane in the months to come.

Until next time friends…

*This post was in no way sponsored, nor is this intended to be an ad for Inkwell Press. I just really loved this planner and wanted to share it with all of you!*


7 thoughts on “Inkwell Press 360 Planner Assembly

    1. I take time at the beginning of each month and fill it out to the best of my ability. So maybe 15/20 min? Obviously I end up adding things here and there. Then there are things I know in advance like our visitation schedule with my step kids, family vacations, etc. that get filled in as well. It also has a meal planning section and grocery list that Kyle and I do together weekly usually on Saturdays.


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