Wardrobe Round-Up: Week 4

I feel like this post is getting squeaked out at the last minute as I’ve been battling these insane seasonal allergies for what seems to be forever at this point. On top of me being under the weather, my girls aren’t feeling their best either. Let’s just say we’re a hot mess and I feel bad for my poor husband.

I did have one amazing thing happen this week and that was winning tickets to the Wildflower Boutique fashion show! Wildflower Boutique is a trendy little shop located in Yellow Springs, Ohio and it’s run by a fabulous group of ladies. They had a giveaway going on on their IG account so I entered and hoped for the best. Lucky for me, I got the tickets and brought two of my local blogging friends (Rachel of Miami County Live and Amy of HoneyTeller Blog) along for the fun.

The event took place in the Mills Park Hotel and was beautifully done. We we’re given swag bags with some local goodies tucked inside, 10% off their pop up boutique at the show (I snagged some super cute stuff, one item you’ll see later in this post) and a drink ticket. The set up was very cute and perfect for fall, delicious appetizers were passed around to the guest, and the DJ kept the tunes going all evening long. The show it’s self was amazing and I loved every piece I saw go down the runway. If they do more shows in the future, I know I’ll definitely be there and if your local, you should be too!


Be sure to check out my IG page (@thegemcitymama for live footage from the show in my highlights!)

In keeping with traditional fashion show etiquette, I wanted to wear something from the shop. Luckily I’d been in the weekend before and picked up two new amazing fall items that I felt were perfect for the show.

I love this perfectly, imperfect shot ya’ll!


Leather Earrings: Be You Boutique

Wood Bead Necklace: Vintage

Teagan Sweater: Wildflower Boutique; purchase here.

Clara Maroon Pants: Wildflower Boutique; purchase here.

Clogs: Lotta from Stockholm; purchase here.

This outfit was so comfy but looked very put together, I plan to wear it again when we go to Nashville in a couple weeks so this is sure to pop up again in Wardrobe Round-Up in some way, shape or form.

Like I said earlier, this week has been a rollercoaster of sicknesses. These allergies have me a mess, and looking like one most days. So this next outfit is on the casual side to put it lightly. But before you go thinking I’m just lounging around in activewear 24/7 I did start a new workout program through BeachBody this week and it’s so good. Even though I’ve been feeling under the weather I completed all my workouts this week including today…Lets just say my legs feel like jello.


Claire Chunky Cardigan: Wildflower Boutique; purchase here.

Sports Bra: Target; purchase here.

Leggings: Target; purchase here.

Nikes: Khols; purchase here.

Thanks for bearing with me this week friends. Next week should be full of more styles as I’ve got another fun night planed with the ladies of Dayton Moms Blog plus the Waynesville Sauerkraut Festival! So be on the lookout.

Till next time…



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