Wardrobe Round-Up: Week 1

Since turning 30 I’ve slowly been adapting the idea of wearing what I want, when I want, however I want. I’m done trying to fit into the norm and place crazy expectations on my body, mind and soul. Since letting go of what I *think* I should look like and embracing what I do look like I’ve had way more fun with my wardrobe than I have in years. Going forward I’ll be doing a Wardrobe Round-Up each Monday with my favorite “going out” outfit and my favorite “lounge” outfit from the previous week. By doing one of each look I hope to show people that even when in lounge mode you can still look and feel good!

This week I had the chance to go out to dinner with the other mamas from Dayton Mom’s Blog. Since this is a once a month thing I tend to try out new styles I haven’t worn before as this group is a safe place and if I looked really crazy I know someone would say something in a nice, constructive way.


Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohls; purchase here

Jeans: Ankle Flare from Old Navy; purchase here

Shoes: Lotta from Stockholm; purchase here

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: Vintage

Earrings: Target; purchase here

My second look this week was my “mom uniform” and I love it! I’m totally one of those moms you see wandering around Target with Starbucks in hand in a coordinated workout ensemble. However, I do work out, so it’s not a total scam haha.



Top: Joy Lab from Target

Bottoms: French Terry Lounge Jogger from Old Navy; purchase here

Sunglasses: Vintage

Shoes: Mayari from Birkenstock; purchase here

So there you have it, my first Wardrobe Round-Up post. Just because I’m a stay at home mom doesn’t mean that I no longer care or enjoy fashion. I hope to inspire some of you out there that maybe feel like it’s not worth the hassle anymore or you think you can’t pull certain looks off with the mom bod you now have. You can do it and you’ll look fabulous too!


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