Life Update: July 2018

So…it’s been awhile. I’ve been going through some stuff over here and it’s been a little insane. Writing definitely got put on hold, and even then I just didn’t have the desire to put pen to paper. I’ve been dealing with some major postpartum anxiety that I just haven’t quite been able to shake. So for the last few months I’ve just been coasting and living life on autopilot.

Despite those post baby, funky feelings some good has been going on. Starting June 1st I was in full blown wedding mode. My husband and I have being married for over a year but we FINALLY got around to having our actual wedding on June 23rd. Things were going smoothly. Vendors were paid, guest had rsvp’d, my dress fit like a glove even though I had baby 6 months ago (and ordered my dress in one size down 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant) nearly to the day. It was going perfect!!

Then I received a phone call that has now changed the entire course of my families life…

My mom had a massive stroke.

9 days before my wedding my mom had a stroke that has left her completely unable to use her left side. She’s also in heart failure which none of us, including herself, was aware of. Her stroke was caused by one random blood clot, as scans and test show no others anywhere else in her body. I tried as hard as I could but her doctors wouldn’t allow her to travel the short 20 mile distance to my wedding, leaving myself and most importantly, my mother heartbroken.

Scan showing the damage caused by the stroke.

Now comes the other piece to this life changing event. We’re moving my mother into our home. I’m the only one in the family with a home that’s functional for her. Other than a couple ramps, our house is perfect. The home she shares with my step-father isn’t functional for her right now or for the foreseeable future. With the help of multiple therapist, home nurse care and my sister I hope to be able to provide her a safe place to continue to heal and grow from this. It’s something we’ll have to take one day at a time and it will hopefully get better and easier as the days and months go by.

Despite all of this craziness our wedding actually went on without a hitch and turned out beautifully. We are so blessed with amazing family and friends that stepped in to help make our special day all it could be. Our vendors were fabulous and helped make our vision a reality. We had an amazing time and loved every single second of the day.

I’ll be doing a full wedding post sometime in August, so keep an eye out!

Photo by Tonya Espy Photography

And last, but not least by the time all of you out there read this we’ll be in DISNEY WORLD for our honeymoon! My mom is being well taken care of at Atrium Medical Center and isn’t scheduled to be released until after we are home from this family-honeymoon of ours. We are so grateful to have this time before life at home gets turned upside down for awhile. This will be my daughters first trip to Disney and this mama can’t wait to soak up all the memories this trip has to offer.

Be sure to check back soon for a recap about our trip! I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

As always, I hope to get some type of schedule set for this blog of mine very soon. Life has a way of messing with all your plans so we’ll see how this goes. Until next time!


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