Speaking Truths.

Phew, that last post sure ruffled some feathers, but let’s be real. Speaking Truths is never easy. Sometimes it’s messy and you’ll never make EVERYONE happy by doing so, but that’s Okay.

At the end of the day I got something off my chest, and out of mind that has bothered me for nearly 2 years. Could I have been nicer? Yes. Could it have been a whole lot worse? Yes. Does everyone out there in social media world know the whole story? No. Will they ever get the whole story? Maybe. Depends on who you know or talk to. My version probably wouldn’t line up with the other persons version, buts that’s okay. We each have our own viewpoint, and who am I to say her opinion is wrong? I may not agree with it, but to each their own.

Before people go out on another full blown witch-hunt know this. I don’t say these things to justify what I’ve said, I say them because they are true to me and are a part of my personal process and the storyline of my life.

First off, I know I sounded bitter and hurt, and that’s because I was.

The past two years have been quite literally hell for me. I’ve never been as beat down by a single person in all of my life. However, as stated before on this very blog, 31 is the kick-off year to me being true to myself and sharing my personal experiences. What others think of me, especially all the “internet trolls” isn’t really a concern. I’ve shared my side without adding in all the harsh (and honestly unnecessary) details. While some will view me writing this as contradictory, I see it as another way for me to process. To wade through the turbulent waters, take a look at the situation, re-think, and to stand up for myself and my writing.

Those close to myself, my family, and the situation know the real story anyway and that’s what matters.

Truth time again folks! Let’s be real, the truth hurts sometimes regardless of how it’s presented.

While I know the post wasn’t the nicest, it was therapeutic to release the negativity, hurt, and general anxiety caused by countless incidents over the last 18 months of my life. I tend to carry things with me, let them fester, and continuously bother me. By writing this, I released it and let it go. We all have different ways of processing and dealing with things. There are plenty of things people do and say in the world that I don’t like (like the President for example) or agree with. But I don’t go around crucifying people for it 24/7.

Guess what? It’s truth time! I’m not the only one with these feelings…

While I know my words have struck a nerve with some people, they have also resonated with others who have been or are in situations similar to mine. We all have our own stories folks, and they will touch and stir up different feelings in each individual who reads them. Just as others are entitled to their opinions about me, I am entitled to my own opinion and my own story.

At the end of the day, if you don’t like, don’t read it. No one is forcing you.


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