Warning: I’m NOT a Professional

I am in no way a professional writer. I enjoy writing. I like sharing my feelings and my life. I haven’t won fancy awards in my adult life (high school is a different story) and I’m not out to get internet famous. I’m a hobbyist in all reality and I’m fine with staying in that realm.

Would being a “famous” #mommyblogger be fun? Most definitely. But that’s not my goal. I want to be relatable. I want to touch women and mothers like myself with my ramblings. Average, normal, boring people are “my people” and they are perfect.

TRUST ME when I say there are those out there that won’t believe a thing I’ve said above. The ones who’ve tried to silence me. The ones who are constantly calling wolf when it comes to authenticity (which is hilarious if you knew who they were) and overall creativity. Those are NOT my people. And thank heavens they aren’t.

If you are expecting perfection from me STOP reading this now and just move on. There will be typos! There will be improper punctuation and grammar! More run-on sentences than you can count and anything else you can think of someone doing wrong in the writing world.

This blog is for me first and foremost. If what I have to say reaches someone that needs it then great, that’s awesome. If only two people read a post then great, that’s awesome. My end game here is to have a place to release what I’m holding in. To put into words how I’m feeling or my thoughts. A place to tell a funny story or share certain moments in my life. This blog isn’t called “all the mamas in the world” it’s called “The Gem City Mama” because it’s mine. It’s me. Take it or leave it.


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